Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower

The other night on twitter I was conversing with the lovely Laura and Rebekah about all things writerly, and suggested the idea of another Flash Fiction comp, like the Behind the Curtain one hosted by the wonderful Anna Meade (The Dark Fairy Queen herself). 

But then, after being timely reminded of Anna's impending nuptials, I then suggested a Wedding Flash fiction comp, which then started the whole ball rolling with Rebekah suggesting a Writerly bridal shower in honour of the bride!
Anna is a very talented and supportive person, not only as a writer, but as a fabulous singer (Anna Songs), and recent owner of newly created ePublishing venture (Nine Muse Press). We thus decided to run a 'challenge' rather than a competition, which we then plan on turning into an eBook to present to the newlyweds! 
So here are the Rules:
  1. The challenge runs from 8th April until 22nd April, (Deadline Midnight 22nd - PST) taking weddings as your theme. For inspiration check out Anna's Pinterest board.
  2. With regard to the theme, think of the following : Proposal; Hen/Bachelorette Party; Stag/Bachelor Party; Ceremony; Honeymoon.
  3. Your tale can be anything from 300-700 words in length, but don't worry we are not the word police so don't include a word count, this is more of a guideline, a few more or less is fine.
  4. Your story can be in a genre of your choice but it must be 'satisfying', i.e. complete - we don't want to be left with unanswered questions or cliff hangers. It is not essential that your story has a happy ending, but remember this is a gift to Anna & Michael, so let's not scare them too much :)
  5. Stories should be posted on your own website (but if you don't have got one of your own feel free contact me or Laura and we will put your story up on our blog on your behalf) and I will set up the fab linky tool early next week so they can be linked together. (Code will be provided but if you can't get it to work, no worries just link back to the main story page on here or Laura's site).
  6. Each story must have a Title and Author name and "eBook Yes (or No)" to indicate whether or not you want it included in an eBook (all other rights remain yours) to present to the happy couple (& those of us who wish our own copy) Just to be clear, this will be a FREE eBook - details will be worked out much later.
  7. As we are turning it into an eBook I would like to request that the following formatting is used, just to make my life easier as I will be doing the bulk of the editing. :)
  • For speech can you use Double Quotes
  • No indents, no tabs or any other fancy formatting
  • A blank line after each paragraph
Optional wedding toast - please feel free to include a 'wedding toast' to be included at the front of Anna and Michael's eBook. No longer than 2 sentences and you may include your twitter handle and one website.
We would like to take the chance to thank all of you for jumping on board this idea so quickly and enthusiastically. We have a Facebook page too so stop on by and join in the fun. Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower. You can follow the hash tag #DFQWBS on Twitter
So get thinking, bring on your wedding tales of wonder, mystery, romance, unicorns, zombies, selkies, fairies, dragons, crime, passion and what ever else your mind can conjure up.
Laura, Miranda & Rebekah


  1. Sis and I will do a joint contribution and will be happy to be at the party!!